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Yulan Jack fka Stephanie Jack
Yulan Jack 玉兰 calligraphy

Yulan Jack 杰克玉兰 is an award-winning Singaporean-Chinese and Australian actor, singer, and writer, formerly known as Stephanie Jack. In 2022, she was named by Asialink (University of Melbourne) as one of 40-Under-40 Most Influential Asian Australians.


Yulan ("yoo-lahn") is an homage to her late grandmother Mulan (lit. wood orchid) and her mother Mei Yu (lit. beautiful jade). The yulan flower is an ancient white magnolia native to China, and the official city flower of Shanghai where Yulan studied Mandarin in 2019. Her full name, Yulan Jack, reflects matrilineal Chinese and patrilineal Scottish heritage. 

Her credits include playing the acerbic journo Megan Lang in Deadloch (Amazon Prime Video); the lead role in Michelle Law's tri-lingual play Miss Peony (Belvoir St/National Tour); and Madame in Archipelago Productions' The Maids with Essie Davis and Marta Dusseldorp. 


Prior to this Yulan graduated top of her B.A Drama cohort at the University of Bristol, and completed an M.F.A in Acting at Harvard's ART/MXAT Institute, including a semester abroad at the Moscow Art Theatre School. 


As an interdisciplinary artist, Yulan’s work offers playful and poetic insights into personal acts of cultural reclamation. In 2019, she studied Mandarin and kung fu in Shanghai and documented her journey in a YouTube series called Mixed Up. She also received funding to write a play inspired by her time in China, Mixed Feelings. Her Plimsoll Gallery video installation, 混 hùn (2022) explored cultural hybridity and multiracial code-switching.


She has won multiple awards for her writing including the Margaret Scott Young Writers Fellowship at the 2022 Tasmanian Literary Awards and Best New Writing at the Tasmanian Theatre Awards for co-writing A Mouthful of C Words.

In 2024, Yulan is working on the debut EP release for Workplace Romance, a genre-bending art pop project with her partner Blaise Garza (saxophonist for the Violent Femmes).

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